Kamala Harris Makes Laughable Excuse for Poor Polling

Kamala Harris Makes Laughable Excuse for Poor Polling

(NationRise.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris told Katie Couric during a recent interview that President Joe Biden’s historically low poll numbers are only falling behind because his administration isn’t taking enough credit for its “accomplishments.”

Couric also credited the administration for historic accomplishments before agreeing with Harris and calling it unfair. She cited $1.2 trillion in government spending on infrastructure during his first year and low unemployment as some of the administration’s accomplishments. Couric said reporters rarely focus on those issues.

Harris then suggested that the administration should begin promoting what they consider accomplishments to the public more. The White House recently went online to tout faster 4th quarter growth than expected in 2023, but Harris offered no additional details about their ongoing public relations strategy.

The Biden administration has been rocked by record inflation that has led to a struggling middle class. Analysts report that the doubled inflation rate exceeded their expectations. They also noted that inflation has outpaced wage increases significantly.

The administration has also faced intense scrutiny from both sides over its border policies. The outcry came after Republicans began bussing illegal immigrants to largely Democrat cities. The federal government has also been on the offensive against Texas since Republican governor Gregg Abbott started securing its border with Mexico. Abbott vowed to continue protecting the border even after SCOTUS ruled with federal agents who cut down the state’s razor wire fences.

Republican presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump, have criticized the Biden administration’s foreign policy. They note unprecedented global instability that threatens to pit some of the world’s most powerful superpower nations against each other. A growing number of Americans now believe that the world is on the verge of a third world war.

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