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Welcome to Nation Rise. We’re so glad you’re here. Nation Rise is a US-based news publication specializing in the coverage of everything from general news and politics to healthcare, crime, the economy, personal finance, and so much more. We are dedicated to bringing our readers high-quality news they can confidently trust, with facts designed to ensure you feel confident in your knowledge of what’s happening in the world around you. We work hard to make sure the news is simple, accessible, and easy to digest.

The Nation Rise Mission

The main mission of Nation Rise is to challenge the mainstream media narrative. Our team of writers and journalists is dedicated to covering important news from the US and abroad. We dig deep to bring you facts without media or political bias. We don’t play partisan politics, pander to lobbyists or investors, or allow influence from corporations with special interests. The facts are the facts, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from us.

Nation Rise Supports Free Speech

We know how much you cherish the rights and freedoms given to you in the First Amendment. The right to free speech is one we hold dear as well. But we also know that the right to free speech comes with a great deal of responsibility and that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.

A great number of trailblazers have worked hard to protect these freedoms. Protests and lawsuits alike have contributed to clarifying your right to peacefully protest, to stay silent, to use words others may deem offensive, to take symbolic action, to advertise, and even to contribute to political campaigns. Our work supports the protecting of these and all of the other rights granted via the Constitution of the United States of America.

Meet the Nation Rise Team

The Nation Rise team spends a great deal of time each day sorting through hundreds of headlines in order to find what may be most impactful to your daily lives. It’s important for you to know what’s happening with federal and state politics, healthcare, the financial sector, and even geopolitical events. We’re not here to rope you in with fake headlines.

Our team of reporters come from all walks of life. They value truth in reporting, fact-based news, and the dissemination of mainstream bias. Our writers and journalists are just like you – hard working Americans with eclectic backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge. They understand how much you value your time and work hard to make sure the news we put out daily isn’t wasting a single second.

What You’ll Find Here

The amount of news published on a daily basis is truly astronomical. We take pride in sifting through the noise to bring you what you’ll find most valuable, entertaining, and informative.

Rise and Shine with Daylight Dailies

You’re busy, and we value your time. Our Daylight Dailies are designed to be quick reads, delivering pertinent information you can absorb no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You’ll receive the facts you need to have an informed conversation, make educated decision, and protect your family from whatever comes next.

Context Matters with Together We Soar

Need a little more detail, information, or context about a story? Tired of the mainstream media’s selective choice of information attempting to guide you towards a specific idea or opinion? Want to make your own choices? Our Together We Soar pieces are designed to bring you the heavy-hitting facts and details you need to better understand what’s happening in the United States and the rest of the world.

Budgets & Resources for Success

While we may not all agree on the way our government chooses to solve these problems, one fact remains: millions of Americans are struggling, with many nearing a financial crisis. Our Budgets & Resources section presents information on government programs that can provide temporary assistance to those in dire straights. We’ll also have tips for taking control of your finances, creating side gigs, and more – everything you need to build a self-reliant lifestyle.

The Nation Rise Editorial Policy

Nation Rise has a no-nonsense editorial policy. While we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of press, we hold everyone on our team to the highest editorial standard. We do not authorize or publish editorialization, opinion pieces, or anything considered to be fake news.

Each piece published on Nation Rise goes through a multi-person iterative process. Our copywriters, writers, editors, designers, and publishers all play a role in making sure we’re bringing you the stories you want to see, factually, properly presented, and – again – without bias.

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