Our Editorial Policy

Nation Rise has a very strict editorial policy. Our goal is to make sure our readers are presented with accurate and unbiased information. We want to publish news that is fair and objective, while at the same time exposing the facts and details that you may not be seeing in the mainstream.

Freedom of Speech

Nation Rise values freedom of speech and freedom of the press. At the same time, we recognize freedom of speech does not mean the spread of disinformation, nor does it mean freedom from consequence. That said, we will not be swayed by partisan politics, corporate greed, or any other attempt to influence our angles.

Factual Reporting

There is no room for editorialization or personal opinion on the pages Nation Rise publishes. We insist that our reporters and editors uphold high journalistic standards and that tey keep their personal opinions separate from their work. You will never find stories marked as editorials or opinion pieces on our site.

Ethics and Corrections

Try as we might, mistakes occasionally happen. We have a team of people dedicated to fact-checking our stories to ensure we are publishing ethical and accurate information. We are committed to acknowledging and correcting any mistakes we make in a timely and transparent manner.

Contact Our Editors

Have a question, comment, or concern? See a need for correction? Want to submit a story idea? Feel free to email us at any time. We’ll take immediate action and/or get back to you as soon as possible!

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