Taking Mainstream Bias to Task

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About Nation Rise

Naton Rise is dedicated to bringing our readers hyper-focused, ethical, factual news on a daily basis. Our committed team prides itself on publishing headlines that run the gamut from US politics and geopolitical events to healthcare, the financial world, health, crime, and more. If it’s relevant and might impact your life, you’ll read about it here.

We take a no-nonsense approach to reporting. While our team is made up of Patriots dedicated to persevering your conservative values and way of life, we also believe in journalistic integrity. We understand how important freedom of speech and freedom of the press are – and what they really mean. Editorialization, opinion, and bias have no home here.

The journalists, writers, editors, and designers that make up our team are passionate about the news. Our mission is to ensure you don’t have to waste your precious time peeling back media bias to figure out what really happened when reading about any given event.

Our Dailylight Dailies and Together we soar reports are designed to keep you in the loop, whether you’re hanging out at home, catching a break between errands, or rushing out the door to work. We know how valuable your time is and respect the time you’ve chosen to spend with us. We promise to honor that investment with honest, accurate news each day.