Haley Drops Out Despite Victories in DC and Vermont

(NationRise.com) – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley celebrated her first victory during the 2024 primaries on March 3rd by winning Washington, D.C.

The race was called for Haley by the Associated Press shortly after the GOP released its results. It marks the first Republican primary that former president Donald Trump has lost in 2024. It’s also the first one that was won by a female candidate in the nation’s history.

Haley’s campaign hosted a rally in Washington, DC, on March 1st in a last-minute attempt to win over more voters. She told supporters that Trump doesn’t stand a chance in the general election, claiming that only she could win over enough voters to defeat President Joe Biden. However, Trump recently pulled ahead of Biden in several polls across all seven key swing states. She then criticized Trump for increasing the federal government’s deficit and causing chaos in DC.

She also noted after her victory that there were still Republicans in D.C., a joke over the district’s overwhelmingly high number of Democrat voters. Trump lost to Biden in D.C. in 2020 by 92%. Despite her claims, Haley’s campaign was generally more popular among centrists and center-left voters than it was with mainline conservatives.

All of the district’s 19 delegates will be given to Haley. With the victory in D.C., her total number was 43 — putting her in second place behind Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailed in third place with just nine delegates. He dropped out of the race on January 21st.

On Tuesday, March 5, Haley secured another victory in Vermont. However, former President Donald Trump soundly defeated her in every other contest on Super Tuesday, leading Haley to announce her departure from the race the following day.

Haley previously said that she refused to drop out of the race even after suffering devastating losses in every other previous state, including her home state of South Carolina.

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