Nikki Haley Hit With Crushing Blow Following Home State Loss

( – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley just lost a significant donor after also losing her home state’s Republican primary to former President Donald Trump.

Americans for Prosperity Action, a conservative think-tank backed by financier Charles Koch, has halted funding for Haley’s campaign after she failed to clinch a victory in South Carolina, where she previously served as governor. Trump’s victory was called very early after the sheer volume of votes in his favor pointed to an easy win. Emily Seidel, the group’s CEO, said that a third-party group is unlikely to make a considerable difference in helping her win the nomination.

The announcement deals a crushing blow to Haley just one month after Reid Hoffman also pulled funding from her campaign. Several other donors followed suit. Her staff claims that their operations may continue and that they remain committed to maintaining the campaign through Super Tuesday, the most significant day of the Republican primaries.

Trump didn’t even acknowledge Haley during his victory speech in South Carolina. The two famously had a feud after he called her out during his victory speech in New Hampshire. Haley has tried to ride the coattails of growing concerns that Biden is too old to serve another four years. She claims that Trump, who is only four years younger than Biden, is also too old. She has also said that chaos would follow a Trump victory. However, her claims have failed to persuade voters.

AFP Action said that it will now focus on supporting congressional candidates, where the Republicans only have a razor-thin majority. They believe the House is now the place where it can make the most impactful difference.

Haley’s loss broke a trend of candidates generally winning their home states even if it’s the only state they win. Few experts believe that she has any real chance of winning March 5. Trump has already earned 44 delegates, while Haley doesn’t have one. Trump has also maintained a massive lead in national Republican polls. He is still maintaining a lead over President Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 general elections, although by a thin margin.

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