Dem Strategist Admits ‘Horrifying’ Truth

( – A renowned yet controversial Democrat strategist has admitted a hard truth that left many on his side fuming.

James Carville admitted that the Democrat party’s numbers among young voters, particularly young men, are shrinking ahead of the 2024 Presidential elections. He also noted that the abysmal numbers also include young minorities who have traditionally been a stronghold for Democrats. The news came during an interview on his “Carville’s Classroom” podcast on March 31st. He noted they were “leaving in droves” and called the trend “horrifying.”

New polls are showing losses in the double-digits as campaign season heats up. The Democratic party’s support among black voters fell from 85% in 2020 to 66% in 2023. The new polls mark a nearly 25-year low. The party’s support among Hispanic voters fell from 57% in 2021 to 47% in 2023. President Joe Biden’s support among black voters looms at 63%, down from 87% in 2020.

The New York Times also published a recent poll showing that former President Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Biden among Hispanic voters. He currently leads Biden 46% to 40%.

Carville’s “warning” comes just weeks after he admitted that “preachy females” are alienating men of all ages from the Democrat party. He accused Democrats of attacking masculinity at its core and said that it’s driving more men to the Republican party. He also admonished a host of prominent Democrat influencers for repeatedly pushing the message that future elections will be won by women.

Carville suggested that Democrats focus their strategies on “scaring” young voters away from Trump. He also suggested reminding young voters that they will spend the rest of their lives dealing with the consequences of another Trump presidency. However, economic data shows that minorities thrived during the Trump administration, while most Americans of all demographics have suffered losses during Biden’s presidency. Carville did admit that it will be difficult to convince younger voters that Democrats have “built a really great country for” them.

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