James Carville Ignites Outrage With “Preachy Females” Comment

(NationRise.com) – Democrat strategist James Carville’s recent claim of “preachy females” inhibiting Democrats in the polls has garnered significant backlash from outspoken feminists on the left.

The inflammatory comment was made during a New York Times interview with Carville. He accused the Democrat party of waging a war against masculinity that is alienating men from the party. He specifically cited far-left messages against sports and meat consumption as reasons for the growing number of men leaving the party. He also admonished several of his party’s pundits for claiming that the next election will be won by women, especially minority women.

Carville also cited The Democrat Party’s dismal approval and polling numbers among minorities as reasons for his concern. His ratings among minorities have tanked as they continue to struggle with record inflation. Statistics show that minorities thrived during Donald Trump’s administration, a stark contrast to what many are experiencing ahead of the 2024 elections. Carville compared Biden’s dismal polling numbers to “walking in on your grandma naked.”

Biden’s campaign has fired back by claiming that another term for Trump would be “disastrous” for minorities. It has also published video ads of the president meeting with minorities in lucrative battleground states.

The claim was met with significant criticism. Far-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested on X that Carville start a podcast, claiming that men are “underrepresented in that space.”

Masculinity has, at its core, been the target of far-left attacks for years. Former Democratic President Barack Obama attacked Trump for being masculine during the 2020 presidential elections. More recently, Amanda Marcotte, a prominent Democrat writer, accused Israel’s Prime Minister Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “toxic masculinity” for helping his nation defend itself from Hamas.

The results have been severe: Suicide, depression, and addiction are at record highs for men. Some experts believe the barrage of attacks against masculinity has left an alarming number of men feeling either guilty (if they agree with the attacks) or left out (if they disagree with the attacks). They also believe that mainstream culture, which tends to carry a liberal bias, has exasperated the problem by attacking traditional gender roles.

The movement is also having a negative impact on women. Morgan Stanley researchers found that the United States is on pace to have a record number of single women aged 25-44, at 45% by 2030. However, those researchers also encouraged clients to encourage this lifestyle among women since it has the potential to increase corporate bottom lines.

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