Another State Passes Controversial Immigration Law

( – Oklahoma’s House of Representatives has passed a new law designating illegal immigration a state crime despite the heated objections of one Democrat representative.

Oklahoma House Bill 4156 criminalizes the act of intentionally and deceptively entering and staying in the state without some form of legal authorization to be in the United States. If the bill passes in the state Senate, illegal immigrants currently residing in the state will be subject to a misdemeanor charge that carries a fine as high as $500 and a jail sentence lasting up to one year. Anyone charged must also leave the state within three days after they’ve been convicted or released from jail.

State Representative Andy Fuge, a Democrat representing Oklahoma City, resorted to the left’s usual accusations of racism over the bill. He claimed it essentially serves as a license for racial profiling while slamming its descriptions of additional crimes often committed by illegal immigrants. Another Democrat, Cyndi Munson, referred to the bill as “extremist legislation.”

However, Republican representatives called the bill essential to protect the state from Biden’s open-border policies. Jon Echols, the current Floor Leader, said the bill was simply “common sense.” He cited the Biden administration’s own claims that nearly 200 terrorists have been found attempting to seek asylum in order to gain entry into the US. The state’s attorney general, Gentner Drummond, also supported the bill and said the racial arguments against it are just a “smokescreen.” The bill passed the state’s House with a vote of 77-20.

The law comes as a growing number of local, state, and federal officials — including Democrats — denounce the Biden administration’s open-border policies. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, said his city is being destroyed by those policies.

Republican Governor Kevin Stitt has not confirmed whether he will support the bill. However, he has publicly stood against illegal immigration throughout his career.

Oklahoma currently has about 136,000 illegal immigrants residing in the state. It costs each taxpayer about $4,278 each year.

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