House Dems Join Republicans to Denounce Biden’s Border Crisis

House Dems Join Republicans to Denounce Biden's Border Crisis

( – House Republicans have been joined by 14 Democrats in officially rebuking President Biden’s immigration and border security policies on January 17th. The resolution specifically condemned the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border and the nationwide crisis that has resulted. They are demanding that he reverse course on illegal immigration.

The resolution comes as the White House and Senate continue negotiating on a compromise. The Biden administration has hinted that it will support securing the border if Republicans will agree to send more resources to Ukraine.

Democrats have been working on aid packages totaling a massive $110 billion that will include assistance for Israel, Ukraine, and Gaza. Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson has been drafting H.R.2 to close the border. Democrats have said that it doesn’t stand a chance.

Representative Nathaniel Moran (R-TX) said they want the bill to “resound the alarm” among Americans about the dangers they believe the open border poses. He also said that his colleagues wanted to deliver a “unified message” to the Biden administration about the open border and its national security threats. He was instrumental in bringing the resolution up for consideration.

Illegal immigration into the United States has risen sharply since the pandemic began. Border patrol agents have been overwhelmed by the surge at the border. Homeland Security has admitted that over 85% of illegal immigrants detained at the border are released back into the United States.

The surge has also led to a crisis in New York City. Mayor Eric Adams recently drew backlash after forcing children to attend class online with little notice so that the school could be used to house illegal immigrants.

The state of Texas has defied the federal government by securing part of its border with Mexico. Ken Paxton, the state’s attorney general, recently turned down President Biden’s attempt to regain a section in Eagle Pass after three illegal immigrants drowned. He also disputed and defied a number of federal cease-and-desist letters sent in January, saying that Texas has a Constitutional right to defend its borders.

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