Would-Be Murderer Given Probation Over Jail

(NationRise.com) – An Arizona woman who attempted to murder her husband by poisoning his coffee managed to avoid jail time and will instead be given probation.

Roby Johnson, an Air Force veteran, first became suspicious while serving in Germany. He noticed his morning coffee had a strange taste one day, and it continued most days after. He was already going through the process of a “contentious” divorce and suspected his wife was to blame. His suspicions were confirmed after a hidden camera caught her pouring large amounts of chlorine into his coffee when he wasn’t looking.

Johnson later used a test strip meant to sample pool water to confirm the presence of chlorine. The results were positive. She continued poisoning his coffee after they returned to Arizona.

His wife, 40-year-old Melody Feliciano Johnson, was initially charged with attempted murder by county prosecutors. She spent a year in jail as investigations and court hearings were conducted. However, she accepted a plea deal of pleading guilty to lesser crimes in exchange for a more lenient sentence. That downgraded her charges to just two felony counts of poisoning food or drink with a harmful substance. As a result, she will only serve three years of probation. The judge also barred her from contacting her ex-husband. She must also have her mental health evaluated.

She allegedly hoped to win a large payout of insurance money from his death. However, Johnson became aware of the conspiracy before his health suffered significantly from it. He also told the courts that he typically prepared his coffee maker the night before, giving his wife plenty of time to fill it with chlorine when he wasn’t looking. He then pretended to drink coffee until they returned to Arizona, saying he didn’t want to involve European authorities.

However, Tucson police were initially hesitant to launch an investigation since the liquid’s label was not clear in the video. He then installed multiple hidden cameras, including one in the area where their chlorine was stored. The combined footage provided evidence that police could no longer ignore.

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