Woman Succumbs to Wounds After Being Trampled by an Elk

Woman Succumbs to Wounds After Being Trampled by an Elk

(NationRise.com) – A woman in Arizona died a week after being trampled by an elk in her own backyard. The victim, whose name has not been publicized at the time of this writing, was found by her husband at their home in Pine Lake, a community southeast of Kingman. He called paramedics, who initially took her to the Kingman Regional Center. She was later transferred to Sunrise Hospital, located in Las Vegas. Doctors kept her in a medical coma for the duration of her care.

She died on November 3rd, eight days after she was attacked. The victim was unable to give a testimony due to her medically induced coma, and no witnesses have come forward. However, her husband and investigators say her wounds were consistent with an elk attack. Elk tracks were also found in the area, along with a spilled container of corn.

She was found shortly after 6 p.m. when her husband returned from work, so officials are not sure how long she was left lying on the ground.

The incident occurred in the Hualapai mountains, a popular region for tourists. Local wildlife are used to humans being in the same area, making them seem calm. However, officials warn locals not to confuse their seemingly peaceful demeanor with approachability, as they will likely mistake it for a threat and fight back. The incident prompted Arizona Game & Fish authorities to distribute door hangers throughout the community, reminding residents to keep their distance.

The AGF also said that it is the first known incident in which an elk killed a person in the state. There have been five reported elk attacks since 2018 in Arizona, some of which resulted in significant injuries. Officials warn people not to feed wild animals as this leads them to view humans as a source of food, which can provoke more attacks.

After the woman died, The Clark County Medical Examiner’s office conducted an autopsy to confirm that no foul play was involved. They also reminded the public to keep their distance from wildlife.

Nearly 50,000 people are attacked by wildlife on average in the United States. Around 10 people die from their injuries per year. Most attacks come from rodents. Attacks and deaths from elk are rare.

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