White House Confirms US Soldier Detained in Russia

(NationRise.com) – The US National Security Council and the US Army announced on May 6 that Russian authorities detained an American soldier in the Russian city of Vladivostok on charges of criminal conduct. In a statement, the Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith explained that Russia’s Federation notified the US State Department of the soldier’s detention.

She also said in the statement that the Army eventually communicated with his family to explain the situation. Smith added that the State Department will make all efforts available to bring the soldier back home and will also provide him with “consular support” during his detention in Russia.

On social media, numerous journalists said that the department was trying to get consular access to the American soldier. They also explained that sources from the US military and the Biden administration said that the soldier wasn’t in Russia on behalf of the United States Army or government. The journalists added that the detained individual is a Sergeant named Gordon Black.

In a press conference, White House National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby confirmed Black’s detention and explained that the Biden administration is aware of his current situation. He didn’t specify what the White House would do about it or whether it has communicated with the Kremlin to discuss the matter.

The first news about the sergeant’s detention in Russia informed that he was initially stationed in South Korea before traveling to Vladivostok, which is known for being one of the main port cities in the Eurasian nation bordering China. The news also revealed that Russian authorities accused him of stealing from a civilian.

On his Twitter account, the Chairman of the Congress Foreign Affairs Committee and Texas Republican Representative Michael McCaul said he was concerned about Black’s situation in Russia. He explained that Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for holding US citizens hostages to force the White House to agree to a prisoner exchange deal.

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