Volunteer Brutalized Outside Trump HQ In “Politically Motivated Attack”

(NationRise.com) – The Alabama Police Department in Athens announced on May 12 that it was opening an investigation into an attack against Trump volunteer Tara Johnson, which took place at a Republican Party headquarters in the city. The police described the incident as a “politically motivated attack” and said that those who commit these types of crimes will be held accountable.

In a press release, the Alabama GOP said that Johnson was brutally attacked outside Limestone County. The party’s communications director, Jeannie Burniston, described her as a “dedicated” GOP volunteer who has always shown her willingness to help even when she has been suffering from some physical mobility issues for years.

Burniston also explained that Johnson was attacked by a man while she was leaving in her truck. She detailed that the attacker grabbed the volunteer by her hair and brutally punched her in her face on numerous occasions while slamming her head against the wheel and the vehicle’s door.

In a separate statement, the Chairman of the state Republican Party, John Wahl, said that the attack she suffered was the worst type of violence that no one in Alabama should suffer. He also said he knows Johnson as he worked with her for several years, and explained it hurts him to know what she suffered as she’s a good and generous woman who is always willing to help everyone who needs it.

At the end of the statement, Wahl urged everyone who has any information about the attacker to tell the Athens Police Department so the person could face justice and pay for his crimes. The chairman also called on the mainstream media and the Democratic Party to “cease” the radical rhetoric against former President Donald Trump and Republicans. He claimed that rhetoric has been exacerbating division in the country and inciting people to commit violent acts not only against Republican leaders but also against conservative people.

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