US Rock Band Founder Gone at 58

( – American rock band Train’s founder, Charlie Colin, died on May 22 at the age of 58 after having an accident in a shower in Brussels, Belgium. The band said in a statement that “everyone feels shocked” by the tragedy and detailed that Colin was not only a great bass player but also a creative musician who played a major role in the band’s success. Train also explained that Colin was “the sweetest guy” and described his loss as irreparable.

On its Instagram account, the band also published a post where they paid tribute to the former bass player, saying that the way he played the instrument was so unique and in such an attractive style that he captivated the San Francisco rock scene. The band added that Colin will always have a place not only in Train’s heart but also in the hearts and minds of everyone who loved his music. Train also said that while they tried to convince him to reunite with the band for years, he had a “vision of his own” and decided to remain on his solo career, which everyone accepted and respected.

The band was formed back in 1993 in San Francisco, and it reached their biggest hit in the year 2001 with the song Drops of Jupiter. While Train wasn’t the same after Colin left the band in 2005, they had another massive hit with the song Hey Soul Sister four years later.

After leaving the band, Colin remained a significant figure in the California music industry as he played the guitar, produced songs, and gave his background vocals to many other rock and pop bands in the country. He said in many interviews that creating the band and sharing those years with his bandmates was probably the most important experience in his music career, as it was the first step in recording albums and playing in front of large crowds.

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