US Rep Turns on Democratic Socialists of America, Renounces Membership

US Rep Turns on Democratic Socialists of America, Renounces Membership

( – Michigan Democratic Representative Shri Thanedar announced on October 11 that he had officially renounced his membership from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). He explained he took this step because of the group’s support of the “antisemitic” and “hate-filled” rally that took place in New York City after the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas on Israel. This attack included all types of atrocities, including the massacre of hundreds of civilians and the kidnapping of nearly 200 innocents.

The DSA, which is a group that includes six members of the United States Congress (including some members of the so-called “Squad”), backed a rally that happened in Times Square before protesters advanced to the Israeli Consulate. The group claimed the Israeli government was to blame for the indiscriminate attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist organization against innocents and civilians.

This group even said that the Jewish state was nothing more than an “apartheid regime” that has been receiving billions of dollars from the United States and has “oppressed” Palestine for decades. In the rally in the Big Apple, demonstrators burned an Israeli flag and even showed swastika images to some Jews and Israel supporters.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account, Thanedar said he can no longer be associated with any organization that refuses to stand against terrorism “in all forms.” He also noted that he will always stand with the Jewish state and its “right to defend itself” and claimed there’s no moral “equivocation” in the face of so much “evil,” as shown by Hamas on October 7.

In the statement, the Michigan Democratic representative also explained that while his ideals remain the same, he will end his association with the DSA because he believes this is the best thing he can do for his constituents. He argued they expect him to represent them by contributing to the creation of a better and “more just world.”

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