US Backs Philippines as Chinese Ships Make Dangerous Maneuvers

US Backs Philippines as Chinese Ships Make Dangerous Maneuvers

( – The United States has reaffirmed its resolve to support the Philippines after Chinese warships rammed into vessels owned by the island nation last Sunday.

The announcement highlights the “Mutual Defense Treaty” signed between the US and the Philippines in 1951. However, the treaty only applies during armed attacks. It likely won’t apply at the moment since the Chinese ships simply rammed into the Filipino boats.

Still, the US State Department condemned the actions as “illegal” and promised to back the Philippines if an armed conflict does occur. Several allies joined the US in expressing shock and anger over the aggression. The attack blocked supply ships from completing a mission in Second Thomas Shoal.

The White House has sent patrols to watch the South China Sea for unusual activity or signs of aggression. They will also help ensure ships are free to move without interruption. China responded by warning the US to stay out of it. The Chinese coast guard also accused the Philippine ships of causing the collisions and warned them not to show aggression towards China. No one on either side was injured.

The hostility puts a further strain on the US military at a time when it’s already stretched thin. Munitions supplies are already low as the government continues supplying Ukraine with armaments to aid its fight against Russia. Ukraine is also running out of munitions despite shipments coming from several nations, most of which are also low.

The US has also pledged support to Israel in its ongoing conflict against Hamas. The Pentagon has sent warships and strike groups to the Mediterranean Sea. It will be sending munitions and soldiers as well.

The global supply chain challenges still stemming from COVID restrictions have also hindered the US military. The sparse supply of armaments both leaves the nation less prepared and limits its ability to train soldiers. According to last year’s National Defense Industry Association report, the military’s industrial base was rated “unsatisfactory, failing.”

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