Ukraine Takes Another Hit as European Aid Package Vetoed

Ukraine Takes Another Hit as European Aid Package Vetoed

( – Hungarian president Viktor Orban vetoed on December 15 a $54 billion European financial aid package to the Ukrainian government. The move represents the latest hit against Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy after failing to persuade American lawmakers to approve an additional $61 billion for his war-torn nation.

The veto by the Hungarian right-wing government represents a significant blow to Kyiv, which is heavily dependent on the United States and the European Union’s funding to resist the Russian troops after their invasion in February 2022. On his Twitter account, following an EU summit in Belgium, Orban announced the veto and pointed out that his government will have conversations about the issue again at the 2024 European Council.

Political analysts believe that the move leaves Kyiv in one of the most desperate moments since the war started, as they pointed out that Ukraine’s counteroffensive hasn’t delivered the expected results, and Russia keeps attacking. Some like Ian Bremmer or Fernando Diaz have said that the Kremlin’s chances of winning the war increase exponentially with Zelenskyy’s recent hits from the United States Congress and the Hungarian government. However, they pointed out that Ukraine’s goal is to keep resisting until more financial aid from both Western blocs could eventually be approved.

During an interview with Budapest’s National Radio, Orban said he decided to block the aid package to the Ukrainian government as part of a plan that will guarantee his country receives the funds it wants from Brussels’ budget. The Hungarian president, who has clashed with numerous EU leaders in the past, said that what he did represents a “great opportunity” for Hungary to get what it needs. He also noted that the move sends the message that Hungary “must get what is entitled to.”

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine started, different media outlets have reported that Hungary would become a significant obstacle to Ukraine’s efforts to receive financial aid from the European bloc. Some reports noted that the reason behind this is that Hungary is highly dependent on Russia’s energy.

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