Two-Time World Champion Dead

Two-Time World Champion Dead

( – Legendary MLB outfielder and World Series champion Vic Davalillo died while having emergency digestive surgery.

He was back in his home country of Venezuela for the procedure. Doctors were operating after an intestinal obstruction led to renal insufficiency. His actual age at the time of death could not be confirmed due to conflicting reports.

His baseball career kicked off in 1958 when Davalillo became a minor league pitcher. He played with the Cincinnati Reds as a free agent. He later joined the Jacksonville Suns, where he was awarded the team’s first batting title.

Davalillo first entered the MLB in 1963 when he was signed on to the Cleveland Indians. The Venezuelan native earned a Gold Glove Award during his five seasons with the team. He also played an all-star game with them in 1965.

He went on to play with the California Angels in 1968 before transferring to the St. Louis Cardinals the following year. Overall, he would play for half a dozen teams. His first World Series championship came in 1971 while he was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Boston Orioles.

Two years later, he was transferred to the Oakland Athletics. The team went on to beat the New York Mets in 1973 during his first season with the team. He was released the following year.

Davalillo then transferred to the Mexican league. He occasionally pitched and maintained a batting average of .384. He played in Mexico for three seasons.

He then returned to the American MLB in 1977 after the LA Dodgers hired him as a reserve. He played with he was released in 1979 before returning to Mexico.

Davalillo played 1,458 games over 16 years. He earned 4,017 at bats and 1,122 hits during his career. He also set records that have yet to be broken after playing in Venezuela in the 1980s. He pitched and batted with his left hand.

Davalillo is survived by his daughter.

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