Two More House Reps Announce They Won’t Seek Reelection

Two More House Reps Announce They Won't Seek Reelection

( – Representatives Drew Ferguson (R-GA) and Wiley Nickel (D-NC) have joined a growing list of lawmakers who have decided not to run for reelection in 2024.

Ferguson didn’t offer details on his decision. He only said, “Georgia is calling us home,” and that he looks forward to spending more time with relatives. He has spent the past four years serving as his party’s chief deputy whip. He also tried to become the majority whip but failed. His seat is expected to remain in Republican hands.

Nickel claimed that Republicans “rigging the system” in North Carolina have diminished his chances of winning. Nickel was referring to recent redistricting that has occurred in his home state.

A few dozen lawmakers across the House and Senate have confirmed that they will not seek reelection so far. The looming exodus is setting a decade-old record. Many of those departing cited a lack of maturity and efficiency in the House. Others want to run for office at the state and local levels.

Several also cited health and age concerns as reasons to live. Age has become an important topic among Americans since President Joe Biden took office at the age of 78. He has since suffered several gaffes that made both supporters and opponents question his mental and physical health. Some representatives have since become more conscious of their ages.

Republicans seem to have the overall advantage when it comes to the vacated seats. The seat currently held by George Santos (R-NY) is the only one that the GOP stands a significant chance of losing. Dan Kildee (D-MI) holds one of several seats that could flip Republican. He blamed the GOP for a lack of institution in the government, which he cited as his reason for stepping down.

David Wasserman of Cook Political Report agrees that the GOP has the most to gain from the departure of lawmakers. He noted that several of the departing members are “institutionalists.”

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