Two Iranians on FBI Watchlist Caught Trying to Enter US

Two Iranians on FBI Watchlist Caught Trying to Enter US

( – A group of Iranians, two of whom have been named on a watchlist published by the FBI, were detained by police in Mexico while traveling to the southern US border.

The Middle Eastern migrants were arrested along a stretch of road that connects the cities of Tijuana and Tecate, just a few miles from the US border. Officials at the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM) confirmed the nationality of the men and their intentions to enter the US illegally. However, the agency did not discuss why two of the men were named on the FBI watchlist.

The men were caught while attempting to drive through a highway checkpoint. Agents believed they were likely trying to enter the United States illegally. According to agency officials, the driver, a man from Haiti, will be facing charges related to human smuggling. Officials have not yet announced their plans for the Iranian men.

This isn’t the first time Middle Eastern terrorists have been caught at the southern border. Several lawmakers expressed shock last year after 15 known terrorists crossed into the US from Mexico. Those numbers have been growing since President Joe Biden took office.

There have also been concerns over how many jihadist terrorists have escaped capture after at the southern border as an influx overwhelms agents. Officials have already discovered several Iranian sleeper cells active in the US. The open border has made it much easier for terrorist agents to infiltrate the country.

Iranian groups have increased their attacks against American military installations in the Middle East ever since Hamas attacked Israel two months ago as well. American forces have been able to fend off the attacks effectively so far.

There have also been concerns over reports that Russia and Iran are working together. The Russian government admitted that the nations are working on a “new interstate agreement.” Russia has already used Iranian war tech extensively in Ukraine. Russia is also providing Iran with some of its more advanced fighter jets.

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