Trump Vows to Use Military in Mass Deportations

( – Former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump promised on April 30 to use military troops and even the National Guard to deport millions of illegal immigrants if he becomes the commander-in-chief again. During an interview, he said that would be an efficient way to solve the migrant crisis that started during the Biden administration and US President Joe Biden has been unable to solve.

Trump explained that he will do whatever it takes to fix an issue that has been getting worse over the last few years, which he claimed is shown in the thousands of illegal immigrants that cross the border every day. When asked what he would be willing to do, the former president said that in addition to using military troops, he would also build detention camps for illegal immigrants and resume the construction of a giant border wall. He also promised to reimplement some of his policies, including Title 42 and “Remain in Mexico.”

When asked why he would take such radical actions, the Republican leader said that these are necessary as there has been an increase of fentanyl entering the United States from drug traffickers who take advantage of “our weakness.” He added that these actions need to be taken as there has also been a significant increase in child trafficking.

Trump also claimed that he believed he could deport over 11 million illegal immigrants. When asked whether using the military would violate the Posse Comitatus Act, he said the law has no relation to that case. He justified his argument by saying that illegal immigrants cannot be considered “civilians.”

Over the last few years, the migrant crisis has become one of the most delicate topics in the political debate and one of the weakest points of the Biden administration. Political analysts have said that while it would be impossible for any administration to deport such a massive amount of people, Trump is making the promise as he knows it will resonate with many voters.

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