Trump Slams Mexican President Over Shocking Demands

( – Former President Donald Trump condemned the president of Mexico while discussing the lack of respect world leaders have for President Joe Biden during a recent interview.

Trump accused President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of “asking for more” after Lopez Obrador’s controversial response during a 60 Minutes interview. Obrador told correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi that his nation will not shut down its border with the United States unless the US changes some of its policies regarding the communist countries of Venezuela and Cuba.

Trump told Brian Kilmeade, host of “One Nation,” that Lopez Obrador was essentially just asking for $10 billion “to talk.” He also said that Mexican officials would never say that to him and that he wouldn’t give them any money.

Trump was referring to demands that Lopez Obrador stood firm on in January, such as the United States government lifting sanctions on the two authoritarian regimes while sending an additional $20 billion to Latin America annually. He also said that the US must give amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the country before he would agree to secure his side of the border. If the demands are not met, the Mexican president said, the “flow of migrants will continue.”

The US border patrol has been overrun by illegal immigration in recent years. The state of Texas is currently in a heated standoff with the federal government over its decision to secure its state border in defiance of the Supreme Court.

The Mexican government has refused to stop the surge for years and has even published comic books showing its citizens how to enter the US illegally. Biden has repeatedly ignored bipartisan pleas to secure the southern border.

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