Trump Slams Biden For Implied Apology For ‘Illegal’ Comment

( – Former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted US President Joe Biden on March 9 after he appeared to apologize for calling the illegal migrant who allegedly killed a woman in Georgia “illegal” during his State of the Union speech. The 22-year-old woman named Laken Riley was a nursing student who was allegedly murdered by a Venezuelan national named Jose Ibarra, who is reportedly part of one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in Latin America.

During a political rally in Georgia, the Republican leader said that, in case no one heard about it, he was told “just moments ago” that the commander-in-chief apologized live on TV for saying that “Laken’s murderer” was an “illegal” alien.  The former president blasted the Democratic leader for wanting to call illegal immigrants “neighbors,” saying he received information that the Biden administration is planning to use the label “newcomer.”

About this alleged new label, Trump told the crowd that the Biden administration was “going crazy,” as people who illegally entered the United States aren’t “neighbors” or “newcomers” but illegal aliens. He added that Ibarra was an illegal immigrant who shouldn’t have been in the country, claiming he would’ve never been under the so-called Trump policy. At the end of his speech, the former commander-in-chief said that instead of apologizing to Ibarra, he should publicly apologize to all Americans for “apologizing to this killer.”

President Biden made his controversial comments during an MSNBC interview, where he was asked about referring to the alleged murder as “illegal.” As soon as he heard the term, the democratic leader said that the correct way to refer to migrants who illegally entered the country was “undocumented” and claimed he regretted using the term “illegal” during the speech. President Biden also said that, unlike Trump, he would treat “these people” with “respect.”

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