Trump Punches Golden Ticket, Sells Out in Hours

( – The high-top sneakers launched by former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump sold out a couple of hours after their official release on February 17 in Philadelphia. According to the official website of Gold Sneakers, there were only 1,000 pairs available, and the Republican leader autographed ten randomly selected pairs.

Some reports said that every pair of the “Never Surrender” gold sneakers were sold for $399 each. Other items available on the website were bottles of “Victory 47” cologne and perfume for $99 each, as well as the low-top sneakers “POTUS 45” for $199 a pair.

When unveiling his sneaker line at the “Sneaker Con” in the City of Brotherly Love, Trump told attendees he wanted to have his line of sneakers “for a long time.” He also said he had a group of “incredible” professionals who worked with him on some projects and thanked them for being the ones who “came up with this.” The former president added he has been thinking about the project for 13 years and said he believes it’s going to be a “big success.”

According to the website, the products are registered trademarks that are part of CIC Ventures. It also noted that the so-called “Trump Sneakers” weren’t distributed, sold, manufactured, or designed by the former president, his organization, or any of their principals or affiliates. However, the official website says 45Footwear legally uses the Republican leader’s name, likeness, and image under a ”license agreement.”

On the day of the snicker’s release at the Philadelphia convention, Trump was cheered by a large crowd of so-called “sneakerheads.” As reported by the New York Post, he delivered a five-minute speech promoting the product before heaving to Michigan to attend a campaign event. At the end of his speech, Trump encouraged the crowd “to go out and vote,” saying that young people needed to vote for him to turn the United States around “Fast.”

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