Trump Promises Day One Executive Order

( – Former president Donald Trump has already announced one of his first executive orders if he is elected president again in 2024.

He told supporters during a beachside rally in Wildwood, NJ, on May 11th that he would sign the order to end the development of offshore wind turbines. He claimed the projects have proven deadly for both whales and birds despite being relatively new undertakings.

Trump has previously expressed hostilities towards the wind turbine industry, primarily over fumes that he said are released from the generators. However, he largely avoided the issue during his first tenure as president. His statements hint at a more aggressive, hands-on approach to regulating the industry during a potential second term.

Trump did not offer additional insights into the details of his proposed executive order. However, it could theoretically be used to conduct a new study documenting the potential impact of building new offshore turbines. That could lead to a ban on new generators if they are found to severely impact offshore ecosystems.

President Joe Biden issued a similar executive order during his first week in office. It ended new leases and drilling permits for oil extraction both offshore and on federal land and blocked a slew of new mining permits.

Turbine manufacturers claim the industry is already proving extremely beneficial to economic growth. They believe it could become a $25 billion industry and drive new demand for steel as new ships and equipment will need to be built.

However, Trump cited whales that have already been killed since crews have begun building and surveying new sites. It has been a particularly deadly season for humpback whales, although some experts believe increased boating activities could also be responsible. However, the construction of offshore turbines does require additional boating activities.

Supporters of offshore wind turbines are encouraging Trump to consider all sources of energy made in the United States rather than shutting down a growing source.

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