Trump Mocks Biden Over Border Wall Reversal

Trump Mocks Biden Over Border Wall Reversal

( – Former President Donald Trump recently mocked President Joe Biden over his decision to allow the construction of a border wall in South Texas, saying he would wait for his apology. On his Truth Social account, the former commander-in-chief wrote a post saying that the Democratic leader must apologize to him and all Americans for taking so much time to make this happen. He also said President Biden will have to apologize to the whole country for allowing the entry of “15 million illegal immigrants.”

On October 4, the US Department of Homeland Security announced it would allow the construction of the border wall in Starr County, Texas, as it will waive 26 federal laws. The department said it decided to approve this move, as the county is currently experiencing a massive “illegal entry.”

This action represents the Biden administration’s first use of an executive power that Trump previously used to fund different projects on the southern border. In his post, the former president said it was “interesting” to watch the Democratic leader break environmental laws, claiming it shows that “I was right” when deciding to build 560 miles of border wall. Trump also noted that what the Biden administration is doing confirms his idea that “only two things” have proven effective over “thousands of years” are walls and wheels.

During his administration, the former president diverted billions of dollars in military and defense construction toward creating a wall, which was one of his central campaign promises in 2016. He was eventually forced to use emergency powers after the House of Representatives denied the funding for this project.

President Biden decided in 2021 to cancel the state of emergency his predecessor declared on the US southern border and eventually slashed projects for the wall. The funds were redirected to military and defense construction.

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