Trump Makes Quick Stop on Way to Court, Greeted By Cheering Crowd

( – Former President Donald Trump was greeted with applause on April 25th during a quick stop on his way to a court hearing.

Several construction workers had gathered and were cheering for Trump while saying they wanted him as president. Trump did not give a speech, but he was seen talking to multiple workers personally and speaking with other supporters who had gathered. The crowd eventually grew large and began chanting, “We love Trump.”

Trump was on his way to another court hearing as part of his ongoing trial of false business records and “hush payments” allegedly sent to Stormy Daniels, a woman who used to work in the adult film industry. Prosecutors claim the payments were sent ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Trump is facing nearly three dozen counts related to the charges. He has repeatedly claimed that he is innocent and continuously refers to the court hearings as a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

The trial has largely inhibited Trump’s ability to campaign for president. Juan Merchan, the far-left judge presiding over Trump’s case, has refused multiple requests from Trump to be excused from some of his trial hearings so that he can attend campaign events. Trump’s legal team has repeatedly asked Merchan to recuse himself over a likely political bias and has filed appeals after Merchan’s refusal. However, Trump has scheduled two rallies in the battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin on May 1st, his scheduled off-day from court.

Still, the proceedings seem to be doing much of the heavy lifting for Trump. Michael Whately, chair of the Republican National Convention, has said that the significant publicity surrounding Trump’s trials has resulted in an explosion of donations to the party to the tune of about $1 million per day. He also said that the campaign for President Joe Biden has largely been on the defense as the nation continues to grapple with record inflation and unprecedented illegal border crossings.

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