Trump Makes Big Gains With Voters Who Picked Biden in 2020

( – Former President Donald Trump is gaining support among voters who voted for President Joe Biden just four years ago. The New York Times released a poll showing an eight-point increase for Trump among voters in swing states that played a crucial role in electing Biden. Voters were asked which candidate they would pick if the election happened right now. Trump lost merely three points to Biden, marking an overall gain of five for him.

The winners of swing states often come down to just a few thousand votes. That could mean good news for Trump ahead of the 2024 elections.

The poll also questioned those who did not vote in 2020 but plan to do so in 2024. Among them, 49% said they would support Trump, compared to just 32% for Biden. However, the poll did not include third-party presidential candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He has been scoring around 10% in most swing states, enough to take enough winning votes from both Trump and Biden. The polls also show that he will likely do so evenly.

Trump currently maintains the lead in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. CNN anchor Harry Enten called the polls an “absolute disaster” for the Biden campaign while expressing shock at the numbers. Biden won all six states in 2020, and Democrats haven’t lost Nevada since 2004.

Enten also said Trump’s support base is increasingly diverse. He’s gained an additional six points from minority voters in the latest polls, especially along Sun Belt states. The two are also tied among the youngest voters ranging from 18-29, a demographic that Democrats typically rely upon for support.

Trump and Biden also remain tied nationally as they prepare for their conventions. With six months remaining until the elections, experts report that predicting the winner is difficult as either could win under the current conditions. Both candidates have been neck-in-neck even before becoming presumptive nominees for their parties.

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