Trump Gets More Bad News Following New Ruling

( – A far-left judge in the state of Illinois has issued a ruling to have Donald Trump removed from the state’s ballot during the primaries on March 19th.

Judge Tracie Porter, who previously campaigned as a Democrat, claimed Trump lied about his qualifications for the presidency, thus disqualifying him to run in the state’s primaries. The Illinois Board of Elections initially allowed Trump to run on the ballot, but Porter overturned their decision. The ruling came less than a month before the state’s primary elections and weeks after early voting had already started.

Porter continued by claiming that it would be unconstitutional for Trump to run because of the insurrection clause. She admitted that her decision was influenced by a heavily criticized ruling by Colorado’s Supreme Court that barred Trump from appearing on that state’s ballot during the primary elections. Both rulings claimed that Trump had responsibility for the January 6th, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol despite Trump telling his supporters to remain peaceful. The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits individuals who have “engaged” in insurrections from serving in government offices.

The US Supreme Court has ordered that both decisions be put on hold, meaning that Republicans are still currently able to vote for Trump in both states. Porter still claimed the decision would be “persuasive,” possibly indicating an attempt to interfere with the elections. Trump’s campaign team said Porter’s ruling will likely be overturned fast and have filed an appeal to expedite the process.

Porter’s ruling adds to dozens of attempts in blue states across the nation to have Trump removed from their ballots. Justices with the US Supreme Court have already hinted that their efforts will likely fail. Even liberal justices believe those rulings are unlikely to succeed. There have historically been controversies over the Amendment’s scope and provisions. However, the justices had not yet issued a ruling just days before Super Tuesday.

Ultimately, the ruling seems to be a moot point, as the Supreme Court recently ruled that states cannot ban Trump from the ballot based on the 14th Amendment.

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