Trump Fundraiser Outperforms Biden’s NYC Event

( – Former President Donald Trump’s campaign claims it has raised a record $50.5 million at a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida. The amount exceeds the $26 million raised by incumbent President Joe Biden in New York City recently by a significant margin.

Former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama attended Biden’s star-studded fundraiser. Senior advisers for Trump’s campaign, Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, released a statement saying it was more apparent than ever that Trump had the funding, operation, and message to propel him into the White House in the November 5 election.

At the fundraiser, Trump promised to keep taxes low for billionaires. The event was held at billionaire John Paulson’s home. A Trump campaign official said to NBC News that the former president is focused on key issues such as securing the southern border, clamping down on inflation, and increasing energy production. The official also stressed that Trump would protect Israel, avoid war, and remove Biden’s “insane” electric vehicle mandate. Trump told reporters when they arrived at Paulson’s residence that both rich and poor people just want change.

Billionaire heirs Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein and Oracle’s Larry Ellison are reportedly planning to donate to Trump’s campaign. Elon Musk and Steve Wynn were among those attending a breakfast at the mansion of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, which Trump also attended. Jaime Harrison, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, commented that Biden has been traveling across the country connecting with voters while Trump was spending time with billionaires and giving himself golf trophies.

Lara Trump and Michael Whatley, the co-chairs of the Republican National Committee, said the successful fundraiser showed the party’s unity. The event dubbed the Inaugural Leadership Dinner, displayed a resurgence in Republican fundraising after it fell behind Biden’s campaign. Shortly before the fundraiser, Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela in relation to his New York hush-money trial. He said it would be a “great honor” to become a “modern day Nelson Mandela.” Biden campaign official Jasmine Harris slated the president for being “self-centered” enough to compare himself to Mandela and Jesus Christ, commenting, “that’s Donald Trump for you.”

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