Trump Files Lawsuit Against ABC News, George Stephanopoulos

( – Former President Donald Trump is filing a defamation suit against journalist George Stephanopoulos and his employer, ABC News, after his interview with Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) over her support for Trump.

Stephanopoulos chided Mace for being a former rape victim who supports Trump. He cited a jury’s decision last year to hold Trump liable for alleged sexual battery against author E. Jean Carroll in the 90s. The decision specifically found that Trump did abuse Carroll but did not rape her. His legal team announced that it would appeal the decision. Trump himself said that he didn’t even know her and said it was part of a “witch hunt.”

Mace fired back by accusing Stephanopoulos of shaming her as a victim. She discussed the shame she has already struggled with over the 30 years that have passed since she was assaulted at the age of 16. She reminded him that he could never understand what it was like and said she refused to allow him to put her through that again. He claimed the question was just about Trump and wasn’t intended to shame her, but she retorted that it was shameful.

Trump’s legal team is targeting the multiple times Stephanopoulos claimed the jury found him liable of rape even though it actually only found him liable of abuse. Alejandro Brito, Trump’s lawyer in the lawsuit, accuses Stephanopoulos of being “reckless” in his wording and accusations. He also noted that Stephanopoulos was fully aware of the case’s details and verdict before conducting the interview. Additionally, they believe he was acting intentionally with malice.

Trump’s legal team filed the lawsuit with a court in Miami. The amount of compensation sought has not been verified.

Mace is also calling for conservatives to boycott ABC News until Stephanopoulos is “held accountable.” She also called on Disney CEO Bob Igor to “get control of ABC News.” Otherwise, she said, he will pay a significant price. Additionally, she encouraged prominent Republicans to turn down interviews with the network.

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