Trump Donations Gain Traction in Race to White House

(—The presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump, along with some of its affiliated groups, announced on April 3 that they collected over $65.6 million during the month of March. According to a press release, the haul includes money raised by the Republican leader’s campaign, the Republican National Committee, and each of its affiliated entities.

Senior advisor to the former president’s campaign, Susie Wiles, highlighted the broad support for Trump’s campaign, which has been ramping up its fundraising efforts thanks to its work with the RNC. She pointed to the March numbers as evidence of the “overwhelming support” that voters “all across the spectrum” are providing to Trump.

The senior advisor also said in the statement that even when Republicans are not beneficiaries of Silicon Valley and Hollywood elites’ generosity, the former president is “proud” of being supported by the donations of voters who are the American backbone. Wiles added that these donations will boost Republicans all across the ballot.

While President Biden and the Democratic National Committee haven’t announced their March totals yet, his campaign recently raised $25 million at a fundraiser in New York with the help of former US presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. As reported by Politico, the Democrats ended the month of February with $97.5 million on hand, exceeding the $44.8 million collected by Trump and the RNC.

According to Axios, the numerous legal fees that Trump has been dealing with throughout his 2024 presidential campaign have cost the fundraising apparatus nearly $60 million. In a statement, RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said that Trump has managed to create a “fundraising juggernaut” among conservatives and Republicans again. He added that the former president and RNC are only focused “on victory.”

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