Trump Claims Kennedy Is ‘Great for MAGA’

( – Former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump said on March 27 that the campaign of the Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was “great for MAGA.”

On his Truth Social account, the conservative leader said that Kennedy was the most “radical left” presidential candidate in the race “by far.” He claimed that the Independent candidate is not only a fan of numerous economy “killing disasters” but also of the “Green New Scam,” referring to the so-called Green New Deal that is supported by many on the American left. Trump added that the fact that Kennedy held such political stances meant he was going to take many votes from “crooked Joe Biden.”

In his post, the former commander-in-chief noted that Kennedy’s running mate Nicola Shanahan, who is an entrepreneur and technology attorney, is not only a leftist but also a more radical figure than him. Trump also claimed that Kennedy is and always will be a “Radical Left Democrat,” but explained that “the Communists” will make it almost impossible for the Independent candidate to get on the ballot, as they know he would hurt them electorally. The GOP nominee even said he expects Kennedy and his running mate to get indicted soon to prevent them from taking the votes of President Biden and increase his chances of winning the presidential election.

During a March 26 campaign event in Oakland, California, Kennedy announced that Shanahan would be his running mate. He also praised her for being the daughter of immigrants who had overcome numerous obstacles to eventually achieve the highest levels of the American dream. Kennedy added that Shanahan was not only a technologist and a “brilliant scientist” but also a “fierce warrior-mom.”

Following his announcement, many Democrats criticized the Independent candidate as they claimed he was serving as a “spoiler” to the president. One of these Democrats were California Representative Robert Garcia and Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis, who claimed that Kennedy should be “ashamed of himself” and suspend his presidential campaign immediately.

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