Trump Asks RNC Not to Declare Him ‘Presumptive Nominee’

( – Former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump called upon the Republican National Committee on January 24 to stop calling him “presumptive nominee” until he gets every single vote. The conservative leader said this was the best action to take in the name of “party unity.”

According to CNN, the RNC had been considering whether or not to label the former commander-in-chief as the “presumptive nominee,” considering his massive victories in the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucus. While Trump would still need the delegate requirements to formally win the nomination, he would have the support of the RNC’s ground operations and benefit from fundraising with the RNC if the resolution was officially approved. Different reports said such an action would mean that the committee would not only be formally supporting Trump but also opposing former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

On his Truth Social account, the former president said that the RNC shouldn’t make such a declaration, as he explained it could eventually “hurt” the Republican Party’s unity going to the general election. He even said such a situation could benefit President Joe Biden, who could lose the presidential election against Trump according to several polls.

In the post, Trump said that he appreciates the RNC’s intentions of making him their presumptive nominee but insisted that they shouldn’t “go forward with this plan,” stating he will do everything the “old fashioned” way. He closed his post by thanking the committee’s “respect and devotion” for him.

In response to the request, the RNC has reportedly scrapped their plan to appoint Trump as the presumptive nominee — for now.

Following the former president’s massive victory in New Hampshire, numerous GOP leaders called for Haley to suspend her presidential campaign. One of these was RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who suggested that it was impossible for Haley to beat Trump, even when she “ran a great campaign.”

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