Training Event at FBI Facility Goes Terribly Wrong

( – Several SWAT team members with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department were injured by an explosion at an FBI training facility in Southern California.

The incident occurred during a routine training session on March 14th. They were conducting an exercise at the agency’s Jerry Crowe Regional Tactical Training Facility in Irvine. Over 16 SWAT officers were injured early in the afternoon after an unexpected explosion. Over a dozen others were also hospitalized after experiencing vertigo. Several of them have already been sent home.

OCSD Sergeant Frank Gonzalez said the FBI was not involved in the blast. The SWAT team was conducting its own exercise with the Orange County Sheriff’s Hazardous Devices Section. They typically train once per year.

He also said they are not yet sure what caused the explosion to happen. Footage captured by a helicopter news crew after the blast showed several people in protective gear making their way through debris and removing materials for testing. They were also examining a red robot on the scene. No details have been released about the device that caused the explosion. However, officials did say that a canister containing some kind of chemical was involved. Police closed off the entire blast area. The incident remains under investigation by the FBI and Sheriff’s Department.

All victims are expected to live. Fifteen were rushed to the hospital via ambulance, while one drove there. One SWAT officer had a severe leg injury that required surgery. However, other injuries are still being assessed, although none of the others seem severe enough to require surgery. Some of the officers were also trained as paramedics and were able to provide immediate assistance.

The Jerry Crowe Regional Tactical Training Facility previously served as an air base for the El Toro Marine Corps. It is frequently used for training sessions and exercises by various law enforcement agencies.

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