Top UN Court Rules Israel Must End Rafah Hostilities

( – The United Nations’ International Court of Justice ruled on May 24 that the Israeli government must stop its military operations in Rafah immediately. However, the move is mostly a moot point as the UN has no authority to enforce such a ruling.

In defiance of the ruling, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that the Israeli Armed Forces will continue its operations in the area located in the southern Gaza Strip to eradicate the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Netanyahu described the goal that the military needs to complete as “complete victory” over the enemy.

The United Nations’ top court’s decision represents the biggest condemnation from an international and multilateral organization against the so-called Jewish State and the way it’s carrying out its war against the radical Islamist terrorist group. With a final result of 13-2, the court not only voted for the Israeli government to stop the military operations but also any action in the zone as these could severely affect Palestinians in Gaza. The court also argued that it ordered Israel to take these steps as its military actions could create more chaos and destruction in Gaza.

The case was brought to the United Nations’ top court by the South African government, which had been accusing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza against innocent Palestinians over the last few months. South Africa appealed to the top court so it could execute more measures to halt Israel’s war.

Since the Israeli Armed Forces entered Rafah, Netanyahu has been saying in numerous press conferences and speeches that the military operation in the area was crucial for the Jewish State. He explained that its goal was to eliminate the last battalions of the terrorist group’s “conventional army,” as well as rescuing those hostages that remained being held in the area and recovering the bodies of those who died.

Despite the explanations, most of the international community has criticized the Israeli government and military, as many countries have claimed that innocent Palestinians who were looking for shelter in Rafah were being slaughtered.

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