Tlaib Taking Heat Over Speech With Terrorist-Linked Group

( – Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib is currently taking heat after a controversial speech she delivered on May 24 in Detroit at an anti-Israel conference. The People’s Conference for Gaza, which took place at Wayne State University, was linked to the Liberation of Palestine Popular Front, which the United States has regarded as a Foreign Terror Organization.

On Twitter, some political reporters said that in addition to many members of the Republican Party, some Democratic leaders strongly disagree with Tlaib’s speech and presence at the event.

Numerous polls have shown there’s currently a split in the Democratic Party between those who support Israel’s war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and those who believe Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians. Political analysts believe that the situation could affect US President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election as those Democrats who are against Israel will probably refuse to vote for him.

During her speech at the event, Tlaib slammed President Biden and many other legislative colleagues because they supported the Israeli government and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The radical leftist urged to take more actions to stop the “genocide” that the Israeli Armed Forces are executing in Gaza against innocent Palestinians.

Journalists who covered the event said that one of its speakers was Wisam Rafeedie, who is part of the Popular Front, which, in addition to being considered a terrorist organization, is also considered a Marxist and an antisemite group. The Popular Front is currently active in Gaza, and its headquarters is located in Syria’s capital city, Damascus. In addition to the United States, the European Union and Canada have also designated the group as a terrorist organization because of numerous acts committed in the Middle East over the last few years.

The event lasted three days, and nearly 4,000 people attended. The organizers said the main goal was to prepare for the next steps in the “struggle.”

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