Texas Draws Line in the Sand, Take Drastic Action Over Border Crisis

(NationRise.com) – According to a Fox News January report, the Texas National Guard seized control of Shelby Park at the southern border city of Eagle Pass and even blocked Border Patrol from entering the area. The conservative network pointed out that the move is part of an effort to stop the surge of illegal immigrants into the Lone Star State, increasing tensions between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the US federal government.

During a press conference, Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas said that the decision was taken as part of Abbott’s emergency declaration. He also told reporters that the city never requested the Texas National Guard to take the action, and noted that the Border Patrol left the area as a result.

In a statement, the Texas Military Department explained that it has maintained a presence in Shelby Park since 2021, which has included temporary barriers and some security points. The department pointed out that the “current posture” was made to prepare for the subsequent surges of illegal immigration that will take place over the next few months and to restrict all access to groups that perpetuate unlawful immigrant crossings.

In a separate statement, National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd explained that the Texas governor wasn’t harming any Border Patrol operation and noted he was enhancing it. Judd added that Abbott’s decision to seize total control of Shelby Park has allowed Border Patrol agents to be deployed to those “troubled spots” that have been experiencing massive “got-aways.”

Over the last few months, Abbott’s office has dismissed the federal government’s criticism against him, and has even accused the Biden administration of fueling the border crisis with “open border policies.” Abbott spokesperson Renae Eze said during a press conference on January 11 that Texas was making efforts to protect communities from the effects of the border crisis. He also claimed that the White House was allowing Mexican cartels to smuggle people into the United States.

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