Terrorists Fire Rockets at Biden’s Humanitarian Aid Pier

(NationRise.com) – On April 24, Palestinian terrorists launched numerous missiles at a pier that United States forces are currently building in the Mediterranean Sea so civilians in Gaza can have access to international aid. The terrorist strike took place when members of the Israel Defense Forces and the United Nations were monitoring the project in central Gaza’s coast.

While there are numerous terrorist organizations in Gaza, none of these claimed responsibility for the attack. However, some geopolitical experts and journalists believe the most likely option would be Hamas, which officially entered into war against Israel after the October 7 attacks. That day, members of the group entered the Jewish State, killed dozens of people, and kidnapped hundreds.

In a statement, the US Defense Department said that it was monitoring the current situation in Gaza, as it explained that the bombing caused massive damage in the area where US officials organize and dispatch humanitarian aid for Gaza. The attack is a setback for the pier project that US President Joe Biden has been planning for Gaza, which conservatives have criticized as it would only last for a few months but would cost nearly $200 million.

When he announced the project back in March, the commander-in-chief promised that no American soldier would be deployed to Israel in the wake of numerous critics from some liberal leaders who have blasted him for supporting Israel. President Biden said back then that the pier project would enhance the humanitarian assistance for all Palestinians.

In a separate statement, the IDF explained that the terrorist groups that are operating in Gaza have been sabotaging international humanitarian efforts since the Israeli government announced its military operation in Gaza. The IDF also said that these terrorist organizations, which included Hamas, are putting the lives of United Nations workers in danger. It added that some of these have even been killed by Palestinian terrorists over the last few months.

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