Television Star Appears to Have Thrown First Punch in Brawl

Television Star Appears to Have Thrown First Punch in Brawl

( – Actor Ian Ziering, who portrayed Steve Sanders on the hit 90s television show “Beverly Hills: 90210,” appears to have instigated a fight that recently went viral online.

Footage appears to show the 59-year-old actor attacking a man on a motorcycle who had just pulled over. The man was riding with several friends, most of whom attacked Ziering in retaliation. He then ran across the street in an attempt to escape, but they pursued him, and the fight continued near a parked car.

The footage shows everyone involved initially entering the area from the right. The recording did not reveal what may have led to the altercation. However, some of the bikers did appear to block Ziering’s car in its space. He was with his 12-year-old daughter at the time.

One of the bikers used a helmet to shatter the windshield of Ziering’s $100,000 Mercedes. The incident occurred on New Year’s Eve.

Ziering claimed via Instagram that the bikers approached his vehicle while appearing aggressive as he sat in traffic. He then pulled over to see if it had been damaged, according to the post. That, he claims, is when the bikers came up to him and his daughter in a threatening manner.

He also expressed frustration both with the increase in violence and the lackluster response of police. He called the growing number of such incidents “unacceptable” and called for more effective law enforcement policies and resources. He also noted that he and his daughter escaped the incident unscathed.

Several cast members from the TV show expressed their support for Ziering on social media. Brian Austin Green praised his former co-star for effectively fending off the attack. He also encouraged his fans to avoid violence, “especially in this environment.”

The attack is under investigation. Authorities admitted that these incidents have become more common recently. They also confirmed that one of the bikers did bump into Ziering’s car with his mini bike.

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