Teens Charged With Killing a Retired Police Chief Mock the Victim’s Family in Court

Teens Charged With Killing a Retired Police Chief Mock the Victim’s Family in Court

(NationRise.com) – Two teenagers laughed together and mocked relatives of the retired police chief they intentionally ran over and killed during a court hearing for the murder.

The teens, 16-year-old Jzamir Keys and 18-year-old Jesus Ayala, could be seen covering their faces while conversing during the hearing. They were also seen making obscene gestures at the victim’s wife and daughter and smiling at them while leaving the courtroom Tuesday. Bodycam footage recorded from the arresting officer captures Ayala joking that he’ll be released in 30 days.

Their public attorney, David Westbrook, was seen laughing with his clients as well. He blamed the courts for leaking footage of the incident and calling it a “trial by media,” although the footage was released after a public records request. The attorney believes it will compromise the jury’s integrity during the case. Both young men were indicted by a grand jury Tuesday.

The incident occurred on the morning of August 14. Andreas Probst, 64, was entirely within the bike lane during his morning ride when the teens ran him over. They recorded the entire event on video. Both teens were minors at the time, but they are facing murder charges as adults.

The teens previously hit a 72-year-old cyclist in an earlier incident during a crime spree that lasted several hours. That victim survived. The two face additional charges for the theft of three cars, breaking into a house, and a hit-and-run incident.

The teens’ mothers have released public statements about the incident, although their identities have not been released. Ayala’s mom said she doesn’t know why her son did this. Keys’ mother accused the media of lying and insisted her son’s side of the story was “the truth” and would be told. Two of his relatives were present during the court hearings.

The duo is unlikely to face the death penalty since Nevada law states that it cannot apply to criminals who were under 18 when the crime was committed.

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