Supreme Court Judge Snaps, Lashes Out at Trump Lawyer

Supreme Court Judge Snaps, Lashes Out at Trump Lawyer

( – Arthur Engoron, a Supreme Court Judge for New York County, lost his composure Monday during hearings with former President Donald Trump and his legal team.

Engoron demanded that Trump answer questions simply with “yes or no,” while his legal team insisted that more context was needed. Trump was attempting to discuss why he wasn’t trying to mislead anyone during the case. Engoron had been asking long-winded questions while demanding short answers.

After the judge became agitated, he reportedly said he wasn’t “here to hear what (Trump) has to say” and demanded that the lawyers sit down. Trump responded by calling it a “very unfair trial,” adding that he hoped everyone was watching. Engoron also accused Trump of refusing to answer questions when he attempted to add context.

The outburst came just a few days after Trump’s legal team filed complaints about suspicious notes that Engoron passed with Allison Greenfield, his law clerk, during hearings. Engoron responded with a gag order prohibiting Trump’s legal defense from publicly discussing communications between himself and his staff. The order applies to discussions both in and outside of the court.

Engoron threatened “serious sanctions” if Trump’s legal team violates the order. He accused the coalition of repeatedly speaking inappropriately about his staff and “falsely” accusing his Principal Law Clerk of bias. The judge also claimed that their complaints of the notes are without basis.

Engoron has previously issued a gag order prohibiting Trump from discussing Greenfield publicly. Trump has already been issued two $15,000 fines after the judge accused him of violating the order.

Greenfield faced criticism for giving large political donations, violating judicial laws that apply to court officers. Engoron was informed of the violation the same day that he fined Trump for allegedly violating his gag order.

Alina Habba, one of the attorneys defending Trump in his ongoing fraud case, called the hearings a “sideshow” and said she believes the judge already assumed guilt before the trial started. She also believes the judge is working with the lawyers opposing Trump. In addition, she accused the judge of becoming “unhinged” and slamming a table.

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