Smoking Gun? House Drops Bombshell Records in Biden Investigation

Smoking Gun? House Drops Bombshell Records in Biden Investigation

( – The House Ways & Means Committee released new records on December 5 that reveal President Joe Biden communicated with Hunter Biden and some business associates using private email addresses and aliases when he was vice president. According to Fox News, the records show that the commander-in-chief allegedly engaged in these communications “hundreds of times.”

The committee obtained the information from IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley. The metadata they provided revealed that President Biden used alias email accounts over 300 times from 2010 to 2019 to communicate with his son and some of his main business associates, including Eric Schwerin.

The committee pointed out that most of the messages took place when he was vice president, and noted that 54 emails were “exclusively” between Schwerin and the Democratic leader. The committee also described President Joe Biden as the main “architect” of his family’s “shell companies.”

Earlier this year, Kentucky Republican and Chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer revealed the existence of the president’s email aliases. Following his release, the IRS whistleblowers ran a search in their files for his email aliases in email exchanges with Schwerin and Hunter Biden. They discovered 327 exchanges in total.

According to Fox News, Ziegler and Sharpey gave the search results to the committee on December 5 after a closed-door morning meeting. The media outlet pointed out the revelation suggests that the president’s involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings was bigger than what he and some White House officials have said in the past. Legal experts believe the revelations could give the House investigation against the president another “path to follow,” which could eventually make the impeachment case against the Democratic leader more solid.

President Biden is currently facing an unpopularity crisis, with polls showing he would lose the 2024 presidential elections against former President Donald Trump. Different reports pointed out that his age and stance in the conflict between Israel and Hamas are the main concerns among Democratic voters across the country.

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