Shocking Bust Made at US-Mexico Border

( – Border Patrol agents intercepted a substantial shipment of fentanyl pills at the San Ysidro Port of Entry between the US and Mexico on March 3rd.

The bust occurred at around 8 pm after a K-9 alerted authorities to check a sedan parked in the area. The 37-year-old driver was filling out an application for entry into the United States. The dog led agents to the glove compartment. Officials then moved the car to be inspected. During that, agents discovered over 100 bags of blue pills that were later confirmed to be fentanyl. They were hidden both in the dashboard and under the seats.

The total shipment weighed nearly 124 pounds and contained 561,000 pills. They estimated the value to be around $11 million. A single pill can be enough to kill a person, meaning the shipment could have led to a devastating loss of life. They have not yet determined the intended destination.

The driver was arrested by the Department of Homeland Security shortly after the discovery. Agents with the border patrol have seized the vehicle.

Fentanyl has proven to be a devastating – and lucrative – drug of choice in recent years. Traffickers have taken advantage of the open US border to move massive amounts. Mexican drug cartels even began disguising pills as candy to increase the appeal of its highly addictive and deadly drug. Over 265,000 of those pills were seized in Arizona in 2022 during a single bust. Some also contained traces of meth. Officials fear the disguised pills are being used to target minors.

Fentanyl and other drugs have become more available in blue cities that have shown increasing hostilities towards police in recent years. San Francisco has been described as a “zombie apocalypse” after news outlets captured footage of an appalling number of people strung out on drugs along the city’s streets. Many of those people have also fallen over dead in full public view.

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