Senator Rand Paul Launches Campaign to Thwart Nikki Haley

Senator Rand Paul Adds His Name to Growing List of #NeverNikki Supporters

( – Outspoken Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently warned his supporters against supporting Nikki Haley’s presidential bid.

Paul criticized Haley’s alleged involvement in the military-industrial complex and said that no libertarian or conservative should support her candidacy. He also drew attention to Haley’s policies surrounding government spending and Internet registration as well. The statements were made in a video posted to X (formerly Twitter). He said she should be “disqualified” for wanting people to register with the government to remove their online anonymity.

He complimented most of the other candidates in the race, however, including Robert Kennedy, who is running as an independent. However, Paul also noted that he has not yet decided who he will endorse in the presidential election.

Paul used the video to promote “#nevernikki” online and a website called The website is part of “Rand Paul for US Senate” and includes a form for users to receive email newsletters. The hashtag has been trending on X.

Haley did call for regulations that require social media companies to force their users to verify identities before allowing them to post. She claimed that it was over national security concerns during an interview in November 2023. Haley also accused foreign adversaries of weaponizing social media against the US. Some social media sites, including LinkedIn, have a verification process, but it’s not currently required to use the platform.

The announcement alarmed privacy advocates who note the biometric data that’s often collected during online verifications. Two of her opponents for the Republican nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, both blasted her for the proposal almost immediately. DeSantis noted the pseudonym used by the nation’s Founding Fathers when writing The Federalist Papers and how Haley’s proposal would’ve impacted them. Paul added that he believes it is an attack on free speech.

Haley made significant gains in polls taken shortly after the new year. She has overtaken DeSantis in some states as the second-place Republican candidate. However, Donald Trump remains the top contender by a wide margin.

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