Senator Calls for Massive Retaliation

Senator Calls for Massive Retaliation

( – Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has called on the US military to execute a “massive retaliation” against Iran after multiple attacks against US troops in the Middle East since Joe Biden’s presidency began.

Cotton claimed that Iranian forces and their proxies are relentless and will only be stopped by “crushing force.” He also called the Biden administration “fearful” and claimed that American weakness is the greatest threat in the region.

He was referring to the 150 attacks that Iran and its proxies have levied against US military personnel over the past two years. Nearly half of those attacks came after Hamas launched its surprise attack against Israel last month.

Cotton accused Biden of going “out of his way” to avoid aggression against Iran. He also said that Iran was never this bold during Donald Trump’s presidency. The senator noted that the world’s hostile nations seem less weary of the US now.

He also warned that most Middle Eastern nations fear Iran and its proxies. That fear, Cotton claims, has gotten worse since Biden took office.

Cotton suggests striking Iranian assets in Syria and Iraq. That, he says, will send a “clear message” to Iran.

Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) echoed Cotton’s warning during an interview on Fox News. He also condemned the US government’s lack of sanctions enforcement, notably when the government released $6 billion to Iran in exchange for hostages just before the October 17th attack against Israel.

Intelligence reports gathered by the US government last month confirmed that Iran and its assets are likely preparing to escalate attacks throughout the region. Iran has encouraged its proxies to show more aggression, promising that they will not face consequences.

Officials have also warned that Iran is specifically taking advantage of its proxies so that it can manage escalation against its interests. Those reports have fueled calls for a more significant response against Iran.

The Iranian government has warned the US of significant destabilization if it continues fighting against Iranian assets throughout the region.

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