Senator Calls for Immediate Deportations

Senator Calls for Immediate Deportations

( – Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton is urging the Biden administration to immediately deport any migrant or foreign national who has expressed support for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. In a letter sent to the US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the GOP leader said that the country has experienced an “appalling explosion” of antisemitism over the last few weeks. Cotton added that this should disturb everyone who believes in the “American values.”

In his letter, the senator claimed that while all Americans have the First Amendment right to express any “disgusting vitriol” if they want to, no foreign national has the right to “advocate for terrorism” in this country. Because of this, Cotton asked Mayorkas in his letter to “immediately deport” any migrant or foreign national expressing support for Hamas and its terrorist attack on Israel. The Republican leader asked Mayorkas to aim his focus on “any alien on a student visa” who is committing this act.

Regarding this point, Cotton explained that federal law states that every alien who espouses or endorses terrorist activities or expresses support for a terrorist group “is inadmissible” and needs to get deported. The senator added that a “good place to start” would be with the students who signed and shared the antisemitic letter from Harvard University’s Palestine Solidarity Committee on October 7.

The letter was published a couple of hours after Hamas perpetrated a terrorist attack on the Jewish state, where it killed elders and children, and kidnapped nearly 200 individuals as hostages. Media and political figures in the United States have criticized this letter, as they said that these students were essentially expressing support for the terrorist group.

Cotton also raised controversy on October 15 after blasting former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who the Biden administration nominated to become the US ambassador to Israel. The Republican leader claimed during an interview on Fox News that Lew was an “Iran sympathizer.”

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