Second American Confirmed Dead Following Gaza Attack

Second American Confirmed Dead Following Gaza Attack

( – According to a Fox News report, a second US citizen who was being held hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip has died. Israeli Americans Judi Weinstein Haggai and her husband were shot and kidnapped from the Kibbutz Nir community when Hamas terrorists executed their attack on Israeli communities on October 7. The attack was considered by many analysts as the worst tragedy ever suffered by Jews in a single day since the Holocaust.

The couple disappeared in the fields surrounding the community that morning, with no Palestinian or Israeli official delivering information about these US citizens since then. However, Kibbutz Nir announced that Haggai, who was one of eight Americans that Hamas held captive in Gaza, was dead. The announcement came after the community noted on December 21 that her husband, Gad, had died. He was the first American Hamas hostage to die in the war between the Israeli government and the Palestinian terrorist group.

The Israeli American couple are survived by their children, who live in Israel, Singapore, and Colorado. The six other US citizens who are currently being held hostage by the terrorist group are Keith Siegel, Hersh Goldberg Polin, Edan Alexander, Sagui Dekel-Chen, Itay Chen, and Omar Neutra.

After the announcement of Gad’s death, US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden published a statement where they said they were “heartbroken” and sent their condolences to his family. The US commander-in-chief also said the United States was grieving the “tragic news” and noted that he spoke with the couple’s daughter during a phone call. He mentioned he had a conversation during his meeting with the friends and family members of Hamas’ hostages.

At the end of the statement, President Biden promised the Weinstein family that his administration would make extensive efforts to bring Judi and Gad home. The Palestinian terrorist group is holding the two bodies as of this writing.

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