Schumer Gushes Over McConnell on Senate Bill Cooperation

( – Senate Majority Leader and New York Democrat Chuck Schumer celebrated on February 4 Minority Leader and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell with the reveal of a new immigration plan for the United States. During a press conference, Schumer explained that he and the GOP leader have “never worked more closely” in their entire career as they did with this “piece of legislation.”

According to various reports, the newly revealed bill had numerous concessions made on border security and some other elements that many considered red flags. Some media outlets claimed that the authors of the legislation hid most of its contents, along with some possible modifications, caveats, exceptions, and loopholes that can turn some restrictions into welcomes. They added that the legislation was assembled behind closed doors by a group of establishment politicians and many of their business donors.

Conservative media outlet Breitbart even said that Schumer and McConnell appointed three senators to negotiate the plan with the Biden administration. These were Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, Arizona Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema, and Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford.

Breitbart pointed out that the Biden administration side was formally advised by border chief Alejandro Mayorkas, who many believe is the man responsible for the border crisis that the country has been experiencing over the last few years. He has argued not only that the country needs more migrants so they can fill jobs but also that the United States has a “moral duty” to accept them.

While many believe that the legislation will pass the Senate, others say it could fail to pass the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. Following Schumer’s remarks, Speaker Mike Johnson declared he would formally oppose the bill and even stated it would be “dead on arrival.”

Johnson explained he has “seen enough” of the legislation to conclude that it’s “worse than we expected.” He also said that the bill won’t be able to solve the border crisis that US President Joe Biden “has created.”

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